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Many of us confuse the term search engine and subject directory with that to web directories. They use these two terms interchangeably. Basically, a web directory is used to organise the websites by the subjects. Since the assortments of links in a web directory are much less than that in search engine database, they are sustained by the humans rather than any software. The vital components of the internet and the SEO are the primary direction by which the users will be able to quickly locate it. The SEOs like yahoo, Google, and MSN search use these three web links to find and catalogue the site to deliver with constant flow of conscious visitors. The web directory will be listing the websites in an order or consistent list of categories.

Some of the most famous and widely used web directories are listed below. is a Wikipedia-based directory. It is used widely. Ansearch is another famous web directory and web search that emphases on the different countries of the world like the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. Joe Ant is an extra web based directory which is a helper edited directory from the website called defunct

The directory project is the major directory of the internet. Its opened content is reflected at many websites. Until 20th July 2011, it was reflected in the Google directory as well. A general web directory, edited by humans and helping to systematize the sites by the category is starting point directory. VLIB is the oldest directory that is present over the internet. Yahoo directory is another example of old we directory and is one of the former services offered by it. It is still one of the best and trusted web directories.

There are two distinct web directories. They are biographicon and The first one that is the biographicon is used to have the directory of factual records., on the other hand is the business directory that has remuneration for the evaluation. It functions at every pay but it needs a fee for every click.

There are an enormous number of web directories that are available over the net. is one of the most popular websites that is dedicated to the web directories. This website helps to find out the required web directory from the countless number of positions and directories existing over the internet.

Aviva directory, Octopedia, Romow, Digmo, Katakombe directory, Leelgo business directory, Umdum directory, outstanding guide are some of the other most current and widely used web directories.

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