Best web directories and their purposes

Internet consists of many different web sites, just like any other media. However, it becomes very difficult to find each one of them effortlessly when the necessity arises. Consequently, there is a perception called the web directories which helps in relating to the websites present on the World Wide Web. This is known as web site directory and is very much beneficial for the readers and operators.

We sometimes use the term search engine and subject directory in place of web site directory. They are definitely not the same thing. The web directory organises the web sites by its subject. However, it is not as huge as the search engines. Thus, they are maintained by humans and not by spiders (that is, software). The web directories have a collection of links and these links are categorised in different segments. The menus help the readers to look for the desired content much easily.

The other chief purposes of a web directory are to provide a link where you can go back to your web site. The search engines, generally, crawls into the established web directories more frequently than the new web site. Once this search engine crawler will find a reciprocal link to new web site, it will be crawling the new web site, now or after some days. To increase the web site popularity, the owner can keep submitting the web site to as many directories as he or she wants. This will eventually help to build the web site trustworthiness and thus the rank of the web site will increase. The search engine optimisers tend to believe in the listed web directories more than those which are not listed and authenticated. This is for the fact that the web directories are edited by human beings and not by any software. Also, the web site owner, that is you, should expect a compatible traffic from the readers and the users of the proper categorisation. The web site owners submit their web links to many web directories as it will get more web links, more back links which eventually means increased exposure, improved ranking and increased number of traffic to the new website.

Some of the free web directories are web world, Jayde, BUBL, ExactSeek, paid web directories are yahoo, BOTW,, Dirt bull, Alive directory etc. Go Articles, Buzzle, Helium, Search wrap are some of the top article directories.

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