Directories and social bookmarking are different

We all must have used the terms Variance between directories and social bookmark websites. But what are they actually? Is there any difference between the two? In this paragraph, we will see if there is any difference between Difference between directories and social bookmark websites and what are they actually used for.

To start with, we will talk about web directories. First thing that we should remember is, they are not subject directory or search engine, as these two terms are often used interchangeably. Web directories are usually upheld by the humans instead of any software. These web directories help to classify the websites by the subjects. There are a series of classes and menus. The searcher can look for the anticipated site through the organised set of these groups. In the web directories, the assortment of links are much less in number than the search engine catalogue. This is another reason why the web directories are handled by the humans and not the spiders!

If you want to include your site in the web directories schedules, there are two likely ways. Firstly, you can go and submit the site by hand, otherwise, the second option is, the web directories’ editor will eventually come across your site. Yahoo, look smart, the open directories are some of the finest examples of web directories. Yahoo is the oldest and perhaps the best web directories in the world.

We all must have sent website links to our groups or family members hoping that they will find it fascinating. This is the first stage towards social bookmarking. Going by the meaning, it is labelling a website and saving it for later. The social bookmarking is done online thus it is very much easy to share it with anybody at any period. However, there are other exciting things that you can do with social bookmarking. Most of the social bookmarking sites permit you to browse through the items based on most current or recently added categories. You can also apprise yourself about the particular categories like shopping, policies, sports, movies and other entertainments and many more.

Social bookmarking is particularly important if you want to remain informed about the current affairs of the world and the society. It will exactly help you to mark what you want to know, learn and see. Some of the best websites for social bookmarking are yahoo bookmarks, Google bookmarks,, and many more.

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