Pros and cons of reciprocal links

When we speak of web masters and hyperlinks, we also speak of something called the reciprocal link. What is this reciprocal link? There are many definitions available over the internet but to explain it in simple terms, they are those web links which inter-chain the different websites. They can help to have an improved ranking on SERP. Many web designers use this technique to have better ranks for their newly launched sites. Ranking is very important in terms of determining a website’s authentication, and reciprocal links are thus very essential.

There are many web links which help to link the two web sites either directly or indirectly through a number of different pages. The search engine considers these different links as reciprocal links. There are rumours about the fact that the reciprocal links are bad and should be avoided however; the fact is more intricate than that. This could be explained with examples. For instance, we have seen blogs that interlink to each other on every page of their blog rolls. We have also seen a blog at a different domain or sub domain allied with a web site. The most shared example would be a group of sites from the same company or organisation tends to emphasis on different topics or different genres.

The major profitable search engines alert the customers or the readers by providing some information about the links in their strategies. They warn the site owners that some kind of linking might impact negatively on the rating of their web sites. How can they impact negatively? The reason reciprocal links are proposed is to manipulate the ranking of the pages. These reciprocal links may redirect the reader to web links which are actually spammers or to web links that has bad region on the internet. There are inert related links in many websites. Reciprocal links can sometimes help to increase the traffic of a particular web site in two ways. The first way is that you will have some viewers who will be visiting your web site directly from the reciprocal link by clinking on the hyperlink. The second method is a bit of complicated. It depends on the search engines as they also take into account the amount of web sites that contain web links to your web sites. The easiest way to improve the rank your web link is to input more and more of hyperlinks

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