Top 10 SEO tips for better ranking

All of us are more or less aware of the term SEO. It stands for search engine optimisation and is recently a very important subject in any computer science course. Then the concept of site directories came which helped to facilitate the access to information resources on the network. Presently, there are three top international search engines, yahoo, Google, and MSN search. They have their individual search algorithms and own database. The added search engines like AOL uses the Google database while AllTheWeb, Lycos use the yahoo database.

We should remember that there are multiple techniques to utilise when we are trying to promote a new website. However, each of these techniques has their corresponding advantages and disadvantages. The best way would be to stick to the structure and virtuous strategies that correspond to both search engine procedures and end-user adaptations. The only thing that should be kept in mind is regardless of the method chosen; it should be repeatable, ascendable and should provide extended values.

In the next section, we will list ten most essential tips that are required to have top rank in the search engines.

  1. You should always use original and unique content rather than copying other content. It is a very much essential step to have exclusive content in your website to have a top rank in search engines.
  2. If possible, write greater contents for the blogs and the websites. These will help to achieve greater rank in the SEO.
  3. There is crawler in any search engine optimiser who keeps on checking the content by every 24 hours. If the content appears to be unique and exclusive, your website will go higher in ranking.
  4. The use of keywords should be smartly chosen. The keywords should not be more than four to five phrases or words. Be sure that the description of the web site should be mentioned with relevance to the keyword.
  5. It is advised not to use flash content or images.
  6. Robot.txt file should be in your website and the index should follow.
  7. You can add website link if you are emailing it to your friend.
  8. Always keep the map.xml file so that it is easy to crawl through the website.
  9. It is a good idea to do guest blogging and to regularly write in the guest blogging.
  10. Be aware of the SEO techniques as they are changed and updated from time to time.

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